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Lexia Reading

We have purchased the Lexia Reading

software program.


Lexia Reading provides targetted

practice to help pupils develop their

reading skills. As an added benefit,

the program is available for pupils at

home to extend their practice time via the Lexia Reading school-to-home connection.


Click on the link below to access the Lexia reading program at home.

Early Reading

With a powerful combination of methodology and

motivation, Lexia Early Reading encourages early

reading success by having students practise critical

pre-reading skills. Fun, age-appropriate activities

introduce phonological principles and the alphabet—

both proven predictors of reading success. An

appealing, deliberately uncluttered interface focuses

young learners and allows them to easily learn to

navigate activities on their own.

Foundation Reading

Lexia Foundation Reading is designed to help

students acquire and improve their basic reading

skills. The interactive, phonics-based activities

reinforce sound-symbol correspondence and

help develop automatic word recognition and

comprehension. Activities include the application

of reading strategies to single words, phrases,

sentences, paragraphs and brief stories. The

activities also encourage listening skills and the

following of directions.

Strategies for Older Students

The activities in Strategies for Older Students are

specifically designed for older students to increase

automatic word recognition by reinforcing phonic

elements and sound/symbol relationships. Activities

provide extensive practise in everything from basic

phonological awareness to advanced word-attack

strategies, as well as vocabulary development based

on Greek and Latin word roots. As students progress

systematically through the program, they gain a

sense of achievement, confidence and independence.


The Lexia reading program is divided into 3 sections:

lexia 1 lexia 2 lexia 3 lexia core 5