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Violin Tuition

100px-Music-natural.svg 29px-Music_dynamic_piano.svg 46px-Music_dynamic_fortissimo.svg 50px-Music_dynamic_mezzo_forte.svg 50px-Music_dynamic_mezzo_piano.svg 50px-Music-diminuendo.svg 51px-Music_dynamic_pianissimo.svg 100px-Music-dotnote.svg 100px-Music-eighthnote.svg 100px-Music-eighthrest.svg 100px-Music-flat.svg 100px-Music-halfnote.svg 100px-Music-halfrest.svg 29px-Music_dynamic_forte.svg 100px-Music-quarternote.svg 100px-Music-sharp.svg 100px-Music-sixteenthnote.svg 100px-Music-sixteenthrest.svg 100px-Music-slur 100px-Music-staccato 100px-Music-wholenote.svg 100px-Music-wholerest.svg 150px-Violin_peg_strings 250px-Up_Bow Down_Bow Violin_bow_parts 100px-Crochet2.svg

Note lengths

¼ beat = semi-quaver

½ beat = quaver

2 beats = minim

4 beats = semi-breve

1 beat = crotchet

A dot after a note makes the note half as long again.

e.g.. 1½ beats

sharp - this is higher than the natural note

flat - this is lower than the natural note


Rest lengths

¼ beat = semi-quaver rest

½ beat = quaver rest

1 beat = crotchet rest

2 beats = minim rest

4 beats = semibreve rest

Violin parts

The violin

The bow

The strings

Click on an image to enlarge

Musical terms/definitions

down bow (start at the heel of the bow)

up bow (start at the tip of the bow)




piano (quiet)

pianissimo (very quiet)

mezzo-piano (moderately quiet)

forte (loud)

fortissimo (very loud)

mezzo-forte (moderately loud)


cresc = crescendo (getting gradually louder)

dim = diminuendo (getting gradually quieter)

slur - to play the notes in one bow so they are smooth

staccato - to play a short note - usually half the length



slur - to play the notes in one bow so they are smooth

play using the bow

pizzicato (pluck the strings)

To remember the names of the strings

Greedy Dogs Always Eat

The strings are G, D, A, E.

G is the fattest string


Musical notes range from A to G.


When you put your first finger on a string, the note is the next letter of the alphabet.


Which finger is which: