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Year 2


Curriculum Overview 2017-18

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Alongside the weekly spellings that the children receive in their spelling books it is important that they also learn to easily read and spell the first 100 High Frequency Words (the words that are regularly used).  These are divided into 4 groups according to the phase of Letters and Sounds that your child is working on.  There is a further 200 High Frequency Words following these 4 groups.

In addition there are lists of words that the children need to learn that do not follow the spelling “rules”.  These are referred to as key stage one Common Exception Words.


Autumn 2 Spelling Rules



Autumn Term 2018

This term the class will be going on three Educational visits.  These visits will provide a fun and valuable learning experience which will link with teaching back at school.  This was highlighted as a strong feature of our school by OFSTED on their last visit.  


Thursday 20th September (Mrs Stevenson)

Thursday 27th September (Miss Ray)

Friday 28th September (Miss Huitson)

Marley Potts Fire Station, Sunderland


Wednesday 7th November (Mrs Stevenson)

Friday 9th Novermber (Miss Huitson)

Monday 19th November (Miss Ray)

Hatton Art Gallery, Newcastle


Wednesday 5th December (Miss Ray)

Thursday 6th December (Miss Huitson)

Friday 7th December (Mrs Stevenson)

Centre of Life, Newcastle

Marley Potts Fire Station, Sunderland


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Hatton Art Gallery, Newcastle


P1120410 P1120492 P1140296 P1140284 P1120517 P1120421 P1120488 P1120444 P1120422 P1120727 P1120711 P1140512

Centre of Life, Newcastle


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