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As a school we value sporting, musical and other extra-curricular activities very highly. We continue to offer daily breakfast, after school clubs and peripatetic music lessons. Our aim is for all children to participate in fun activities which will broaden and enhance their development.

Residential Visits

As a school, we believe that education continues outside of the classroom. As such, we offer a wide range of residential visits across the whole of Key Stage 2.


Welcome to Bernard Gilpin Primary School

“Where Children Dream, Believe and Achieve”

As the Headteacher of Bernard Gilpin Primary School I am very proud to give you a warm welcome to our  website. Our educational aim is simple: we are constantly striving to create an exciting learning paradise for all, in which children can succeed and flourish. Courtesy and good manners are at the forefront of our school philosophy.  

During the past decade, our school has changed dramatically. The building has been developed so that all children have access to bright, colourful classrooms all encompassing the latest technology. We are fortunate to have a first class venue, including a wildlife garden and extensive sporting areas.


As well as the completion of our exciting improvements to the learning environment, our school curriculum has been completely redesigned in order to continually improve academic standards and pursue new learning. We strongly believe that teaching your children  is a privilege and, as such, we are motivated to ensure learning opportunities are adapted and designed around their needs and interests. The decision to purchase two mini buses, which are constantly in use, has enhanced our children’s learning and understanding to an entirely different level. Giving our children first hand, real world learning experiences is having a tremendous impact upon standards within our school.


Our learning is not just limited to the pupils: the development and training of staff is seen as immensely important and an integral part to sustainable success. All staff have received high quality training from educational experts across the country, and this has led to improved teaching and expertise in many areas of school life.


The school is the “heart of the community”. We have worked enthusiastically to create a caring, family atmosphere where we would like everyone to feel welcome.  We believe education is a joint venture between children, parents/carers, staff, Governors and the wider community. Our committed Governing body play an active part in the school’s on-going development, and parents/carers have been instrumental in supporting and promoting our school, thank you. Learning, as we do, in partnership with the community, brings multiple benefits to everyone who both attends the school and is part of its future.


Our school offers something for everyone. Children are individuals, with a wide variety of gifts and talents fuelled by their interests. We feel that our school caters for the needs of all our children, with a wide, diverse curriculum, supported by educational and residential visits plus a range of extra-curricular activities such as STEM, the arts, sports and computing.


By developing these critical elements of school life, we aim to nurture confident, responsible, happy and well-rounded children who are celebrated.


Finally, thank you very much for your interest in the work we love.


Mr A Bainbridge


Ofsted Inspection September 2022

Please click on the link below to read/download a copy of our most recent Ofsted report.

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