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Year 2

Mrs Winter

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Mrs Russell

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Lexia is a fun computer-based program.  The activities focus on developing reading skills in six areas: phonological awareness, phonics, structural analysis, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  The program is designed to allow the children to complete the activities independently.  It will move the children on when ready, and it provides additional support when needed.

As well as being given time to complete Lexia activities within the school week, your child will also benefit from spending at least two additional twenty minute sessions at home.

Please login at the following link:

Educational Visits

Each term, every class goes on two Educational visits.  These visits provide a fun and valuable learning experience which will link with teaching back at school.  This was highlighted as a strong feature of our school by OFSTED on their last visit. 

Have a look at some visits that we have been on in Year 2 recently.


Homework will be given out every Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday. Maths homework will be linked to developing the arithmetic skills which are being taught that week. Another short homework task will be set, and this may well be related to English, but could be a research question connected to which ever theme the children are studying at the time. If the children need Internet access for the research, and this is not available at home, arrangements will be made for them to complete the work in school.


Alongside the weekly spellings that the children receive in their spelling books it is important that they also learn to easily read and spell the first 100 High Frequency Words (the words that are regularly used).  These are divided into 4 groups according to the phase of Letters and Sounds that your child is working on.  There is a further 200 High Frequency Words following these 4 groups.

In addition there are lists of words that the children need to learn that do not follow the spelling “rules”.  These are referred to as key stage one Common Exception Words.


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