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Year 4

Miss Jervis

Miss Huitson

Miss Bennett



Reading Plus helps children to develop the skills that they need to be proficient readers and lifelong learners. Through regular Reading Plus practice, reading will become increasingly more fluent, comprehension of a wide range of text types will improve, and children will make meaningful connections between what they are reading and what they are learning.

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Educational Visits

Each term, every class goes on two Educational visits.  These visits provide a fun and valuable learning experience which will link with teaching back at school.  This was highlighted as a strong feature of our school by OFSTED on their last visit. 

Have a look at some visits that we have been on in Year 4 recently.


Homework will be given out every Friday and needs to be completed and returned to school by the following Wednesday. Maths homework will be linked to developing the arithmetic skills which are being taught that week. Another short homework task will be set, and this may well be related to English, but could be a research question connected to which ever theme the children are studying at the time. If the children need Internet access for the research, and this is not available at home, arrangements will be made for them to complete the work in school.


Children are also encouraged to take home their spelling books and reading books every night so that they can practise and improve.

In addition to this there is a list of words that the children will be learning throughout the year.  Any support and practice that you can do at home would be most beneficial.

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